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How to Start Potty Training on Children

Parent might need to know how to start potty training on their children, so the children can start going to the bathroom by themself. You might not understand about how to start potty training for your babies yet, but actually is it not a difficult task to do. Babies are used to be cared by their mother; to start new habit might be challenging. Basically you can consult with your doctor to know further information regarding how to start potty training, when it need to be taught, and what is needed to make your children understand the procedure.
how to start potty training

Before you ask about how to start potty training, the first thing that you need to know is the definition of potty training itself. Potty training is also called as a toilet training. It is a process where young infant need to learn how to use the toilet for the first time; it includes an understanding about how to use toilet for urination and defecation. Of course, young infant might find it is difficult to use the toilet installation which is design for adult users, so you might need to find a smaller size of toilet bowl-shaped device.

How to start potty training for boys and girls? Do they need different treatment?

How to start potty training for boys and girls

Basically, the types of toilet bowl-shaped device which can be used for girls and boys are same; there is no significant difference between boys and girls training. But it is true that boys tend to begin and finish the potty training a bit late compare to girls; but this statement will depend on the baby’s maturity and consistency. Potty training is used to be taught by parents, but now days; babies are often send to caretaker when their parents are way to work. So the potty training is mostly done by their caregiver. Even though it is included on care taker syllabus; parents still need to pay attention about the practice of the training when their children are at home.

When should you start giving a potty training?

start giving a potty training

Potty training needs to be done when the children are showing their readiness, so parents need to know how to start potty training even before the training need to be done. Usually children will show their readiness when they are older than 18 years old, the training will keep going until the baby reach 3 years old. But the length of time will be varied depend on the baby; some of the young infant tend to complete the training for 12 months, while other take more times. Girls usually started the potty training earlier compare to boys; they also tend to overcome the training faster. Basically there is no specific age reference to determine when your baby needs to get the toilet training; but it would be better if you began the training when the children are 2 years old.

How to start potty training on disable children?

start potty training on disable children?

It is not only normal children that need a potty training, but also the infant who are disabling. Of course the type of training will be different than normal child, so parents need to consult about the aspects that they need to note and know how to start potty training which is specially designed for disable children. Toilet training for disable children is divided based on their illness, deaf children toilet training will be different from children with down syndrome; so the first thing that you need to do is to choose the potty training that fit to your children condition.

The device need to be choosen based on your children condition; you might need to buy special gear if it is necessary. The time when they need to do the potty training might be different than normal child; before your start the training you need to list the ability of your children, so you can choose the right device. If your child is having a cerebral palsy, you might need to begin his/her training by placing the pot between your knees to help your baby comfortable. But the more important thing is to let your children have their privacy when they need to use the toilet; because it will increase their confidence.

What you need to teach your children during potty training

Potty training includes several training features including how to use the toilet or when the baby needs to go to the toilet. It also includes a training system that teach young infant how to hang on until they reach the toilet; babies are not used to hang on urinate and defecation, because they used to wear diapers which is easily thrown out. Children also need to learn how to wipe the bottom by themselves, how to flush the toilet, and how to pull their clothes. The training concerns about how to make your infant independent when they need to go to the toilet; so they will no longer need their parents’ help.

How to start potty training on young children

start potty training on young children

To start potty training is not a difficult thing to do, as long as you practice the program on your daily life. The first thing that you need to do is to teach your children when they should go to the toilet; you can begin the practice by remembering your children that they need to go to the toilet after period of time. The most important thing is to make your children dry all night, because it will help them to avoid bedwetting. Of course you children will face failure when they need to begin the practice that they are not used to be, but please remember not to blame your children; rather than blaming, we recommend you to give more praises whenever they achieve something.

You need to avoid giving food or candies as the replacement of praises, because it will make them spoiled; besides it will also increase your baby’s weigh. During the training, you also need to teach your children about the process why and when they need to go to the toilet. You can teach your children by demonstrating or guiding the process. Parents need to know how to start potty training, because it will be success as long as the training is treated as the habit.

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